Before you log-in:

  • Check the website´s address (the correct address is:
  • Make sure you are in the encoded connection (in the browser`s window there should be visible a closed padlock which symbolises an encoded connection).
  • Make sure that the website is secured with a valid certificate issued for the site
  • Never ignore warnings of your browser about an invalid certificate. If you notice an error in the certificate, report it immediately to our call center.
  • Remember that the PayDirect system will never require from you any codes, credit and/or debit card data (card`s number, PIN code, CVV2/CVC2) while logging into the system or directly after log-in.
  • The PayDirect system never sends messages about the necessity/requirement to test new functions of the transactional system.


  • Remember to terminate working in the system by using the "Log out" link, which is available in left-hand bottom part of every transactional page.

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